To have known Elizabeth Harris is to be blessed. With her generosity, benevolence, and devotion, Elizabeth has touched the lives of hundreds of people around the world as a dedicated teacher, thoughtful neighbour, understanding friend, doting hostess, and loving mother and wife.

Help us remember Lizzy.
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We thank you for your compassion, kindness, and support during this time.
– Elizabeth’s Family

Elizabeth is remembered by CBC Radio and Toronto Life writer Sasha Chapman.

In my mind, Elizabeth is synonymous with the Riverdale Farmers’ Market…She was the queen bee of the market and had a one track mind — to promote the farmers and the food. It was obviously such a love for her.
– Sasha Chapman

Listen to the interview here.


10 Responses to Lizzie

  1. Sandra Jackson says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear of Elizabeth’s passing. She was such a great Cabbagetown spirit! She will be sorrily missed. Seeing her cheery smile while passing on Parliament was always such a pleasure. My condolences to her family. Sandra

  2. Rita Deen says:

    I will sadly miss seeing Elizabeth’s smile while passing her setting up for Cabbagetown Festival or meeting her in a store. She was a wonderful and friendly woman.
    I am very sorry for your loss.

  3. Inda Sabatini says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    It has been an honour to know you. Whenever you came to our office you brought a spark of light with you, and you made us realze what is important in life. We admired your energy and vitality even when you were just recovering from your many treatments. We will miss you very much.

    We found out that you loved spring, and spring is almost here.
    There is a poem by Rumi that I have always loved and I would like to post it in your memory:

    Let us fall in love again
    and scatter gold dust all over the world.
    Let us become a new spring
    and feel the breeze drift in the heavens’ scent.
    Let us dress the earth in green,
    and like the sap of a young tree
    let the grace from within sustain us.
    Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts
    and let them light our path with Love.
    The glance of Love is crystal clear
    and we are blessed by its light.


    Inda and Susan

  4. As I looked around the Metropolitan United Church yesterday, I was not the least bit surprised by the hundreds in attendance. I’m grateful to be part of this special family of friends of Elizabeth Harris.

    I then thought of the many thousands who don’t even know who she is but will miss regardless. I’m thinking of those who take their kids and grand kids to the farm each day, or those who shop at the farmer’s markets or the many students who never thought to thank her and this list goes on and on. What will the neighbourhood do now? What will the city do? If ever we needed Lizzie, it’s now.

    I’m grateful for the many memories I have of this great woman beginning at our new nursery school back in 1980. I’ll think of these often.

  5. Peter Finch says:

    Great chunks of Elizabeth’s unstoppable drive and spirit live on within us all. And so she remains with us. She sets the table and so – for her sake and our own – we must continue to bake, grow, produce, harvest, sell, and eat from the bounty she was tireless in promoting. We must continue to provide for her table and partake in the communal act of eating fresh food, grown honestly and naturally, going out to Riverdale on a Tuesday and the Brickworks on a Saturday. Elizabeth would expect nothing less.

  6. Wendy Kopplin says:

    As a former Cabbagetowner, I will always feel deep gratitude to Liz for how she cared for all the Cabbagetown neighborhood children, and how my son, Patrick’s friend, was always included in her endless generosity from the time he was about two years (1979) old right up until the present. Liz’s house was always filled with other people’s children, unlike mine, which was filled with them only sometimes. Liz taught me back then that lentils and brown rice make a complete protein and satisfactory substitute for meat, and so subsequently, I frequently served my family lentils and rice always remembering her for this. Our family also participated in her Quebec student exchanges, and as one of the nervous mothers who let my child go, I was pleasantly surprised with how well everything always turned out and how much joy these exchanges generated. Thank you Liz, for caring, broadening our lives and for all you contributed to us, your neighbors. I extend my profound sympathy and love to John, Patrick, Anna and Timothy and all who will deeply miss Liz.

  7. Marilyn brooks and Kennedy Coles says:

    Madame Harris was bigger then life and her spirit will surrounding us in Cabbage Town for many year to come. She gave so much to the area and her smile will always be with us !!!
    with Love,
    Marilyn Brooks and Kennedy Coles

  8. Elizabeth will be missed. I exhibited for my holistic clinic for the past twelve years just behind Sprucecourt School on Carlton Street during the Riverdale Festival and also at the Brickworks. She had an uncanny knack of usually bringing good weather to these outdoor events. She was both interesting and interested in people and very supportive of my business. She was always full of good ideas. I loved exchanging stories with her about Mexico. I also got to know and love her late mum. She will be missed. Much love to her family.

  9. Jan Marriott says:

    I met Elizabeth at the beginning of the Brickworks market and she took a flyer on me by allowing me to come to sell my antique and vintage textiles. We quickly became friends and the market became part of my life opening up many doors. One day she came for lunch and my husband said ” I like your new friend, you know, as we become older (I was older than E) it gets more difficult to make friends” Well….it wasn’t for Elizabeth who continued to to get to know and befriend all sorts of people, young and old, for the rest of her life.

  10. Wendy Ma says:

    I was terribly saddened to hear of this so many years after the fact. Madame Harris was my French teacher at Sprucecourt, and I still remember seeing her in the backyard during recess after she retired. She was a great force of nature and the world has lost something great in her passing. RIP Madame.

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